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Project Description

The SWAG project builds on the former SWEW programme and existing work with disadvantaged women in Swale. It aims to continue offering in-house support to many of the 9,097 women who enjoyed positive outcomes. The project seeks to work with a new beneficiary age group of 10 – 18 year old girls and other marginalised groups including Roma Gypsy/Irish Traveller girls and female Syrian refugees and asylum seekers.

The wide range of activities include; learning opportunities, gaining life skills, creative skills, staying safe on social media, communication skills, sporting opportunities, encouraging healthy lifestyles, study groups, volunteering, relationship counselling, social events and so much more. All interventions for girls and young women are age appropriate and delivered in the community, schools, colleges as workshops or after school clubs or as part of the “Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Development” (SMSCD) Programme.

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