Assertiveness and Self-Confidence Workshop

We provide a comprehensive Self-Esteem and Assertiveness Course in Kent which answers the question – how does one overcome their ability to communicate in a way which is assertive and non-confrontational? Understanding how and when to use open – ended questions, active listening, communicating confidently to express one’s feelings verbally. Over the last two decades, many studies have examined age and gender and highlighted there is a significant gender gap which states men have higher levels of self-esteem than females. This course especially beneficial for organisations large or small who want to empower their female work force to become more confident and enable their staff to navigate and overcome gender norms using effective communication skills and techniques.

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Self Esteem and Assertiveness Course in Kent

Course Structure and Content

  • Define assertiveness and self-confidence, and list the four styles of communication
  • Describe the types of negative thinking, and how one can overcome negative thoughts
  • Explain the difference between listening and hearing.
  • Define the importance of goal setting, and practice setting SMART goals for assertive behaviour
  • Utilise methodologies for understanding your worth — and the use of positive self-talk
  • List reasons why a pleasing appearance and body language are critical for creating a strong first impression
  • Practice sending positive communications phrased as “I-Messages”
  • Practice strategies for gaining positive outcomes in difficult interpersonal situations

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Our Self-Esteem and Assertiveness Course in Kent is a great training course for any-sized establishment or individual. To find out more or book your course then please use any of the following contact methods and we’ll be glad to help.


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