Generation Gap Training Course

We provide a generation gap course in Kent for workplaces to learn and implement new techniques to create a more productive workforce.

Workplaces can be a melting pot of cultures, personalities, backgrounds, points of view, and ages. How can you create a cohesive team who are able to actively listen and understand the views of others while being culturally sensitive, despite the fact their colleagues may have a different generational approach to the same situation or problem?

  • Complementary one hour of free after care consultation

  • Understand how communication and styles of communication can impact dialogues

  • Learn what the generation gap means in regards to individual beliefs, politics and values.

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Generation Gap Course Training in Kent

Course Structure and Content

Historical context of generations and what defines each generation

Learn about baby boomers to generation X, understand the back historical drop of their development and how it impacts their work.


The comparisons and difference between generation

Understand what unites and differentiates generations, how as an organisation, you can create tools and platforms offline & online to foster communication between generations.


How to manage conflict

Understand, manage and create open communication between teams which reduce the likely hood of conflict between inter-generational teams


How to leverage the benefits of generation gaps

Having varying generations within an organisation creates a pool of ideas and perspectives. Encourage cross generation learning using team building and one-to-one exercises.

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