For the past six weeks, sewing classes have been taken place at Diversity House which have been run by seamstress, Wealthy. Women from different ethnicities participated in this course in order to learn or perfect the skill of sewing. In the first few weeks, Wealthy taught them the basic skills of running the sewing machine through materials in a straight line, stitching and threading. Once they mastered these skills, they combined them to embark on a mini project; creating a shopping bag. Wealthy provided a beautiful flower-patterned material for the body of the bag. Then the women cut out materials for the edge of the bag and bought different patterned ribbons for the handles.

Throughout the sessions, Wealthy encouraged the ladies to use this course as an opportunity to build a skill and turn it into a side hustle along with their main jobs. The women thoroughly enjoyed the classes and commended Wealthy on how great of a teacher she is. At the end of the final sewing class, there were many requests for another set of sessions as the women valued how much they had learnt and mastered in a short space of time.

Sewing Club Sittingbourne

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