Business Start-Up Workshop in Sittingbourne

Over three weeks in April, a group of women came to the Business start- up workshop. The group of participants were all at varying stages of their business ideas. Some had fully-fledged ideas others, had a business and needed support getting it off the ground.

Aderonke runs an after school pick up service in Sittingbourne. This is her story:

I currently have an after – school day care, where I pick the children up from school and they stay with me until their parents come and collect them. The added bonus is Ade has a late collection hour, so this helps people who have a long commute home. I gained a lot from attending the course, I have a better understanding of the legislation of childcare and taxing of a small business and how to go about things set by step. How to write the business plan, how to advertise and market myself. Because, I studied business administration, the course gave me a fresh. She went into great deal on how to work out profit and loss. I will be creating a proper business plan, record keeping, along with setting myself targets and how I can meet those targets.

I am currently mainly using word of mouth you can reach her on 07769784720.

Overall I found the workshop was very informative and helpful.