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Generation Gap Course – eLearning


Welcome to our online Generational Gap course. All our online training courses, programmes and qualifications are accredited by the CPD Standards (

While having various cultures in one workplace can present communication problems and conflicts, the benefits of such a variety in the workplace outweigh it. The workplace can present challenges to management in terms of handling the different generations present. As older workers delay retiring and younger workers are entering the workforce, the work environment has become a patchwork of varying perspectives and experiences, all valuable to say the least.

The Generation Gaps workshop will help participants understand the various generations present at work and understand what motivates them and dealing with them daily. Both the young and older worker will have many ideas to offer, which will help the organization thrive in the marketplace. Learning how to deal with the Generation Gaps at work will help you become a better manager or co-worker.



Entry requirements – No prerequisites qualification required

Course duration: 4 – 80 hours (Learner dependent)

Assessment type – Complete end of course assessment (80% needed to pass and gain CPD certificate)

Certification/Qualification – Downloadable CPD certified certificate

Cost(s) of assessment and certification – Assessment and certification costs included in the course price

Who is the course for?

For career minded professionals at all levels who want to excel in their interpersonal and communication skills, overcome workplace conflict and build a more positive work environment.

Benefits of the Course

• Create a more diverse and inclusive workplace

• Minimize the effects of the generation gap in the workplace

• Develop better workplace communication

• Overcome conflict due to generational differences in the workplace

• Develop more understanding and improve collaborative work efforts

• Develop better work relationships between new hires and long-term employees

• Improve multi-generation team performance

Workshop Objectives:

• History behind generation gaps
• What are traditionalists
• What are baby boomers
• What are Generation Xers
• What are Generation Yers
• Differences between each type of generation
• Finding common ground among the generations
• Conflict management
• Leveraging the benefits of generation gaps at work

What will individuals learn?

• Identify where the generation gap issue surfaces, and the impact it has on the modern workforce.
• Describe and apply language that is specific to each generation currently in the workplace.
• Explore organization strategies that overcome gap issues.
• Evaluate the need and effectiveness of recruiting, retention, and succession plans in context of the generation gap.


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