Diversity House was formally opened on the 16th of May 2007 with an office in Phoenix House, Central Avenue, Sittingbourne. A charitable organisation providing both community and prison-based services for diverse communities across Kent. The charity aims to promote community integration, re-integration, social inclusion and cohesion within the Swale and Kent communities. It is our belief that individuals, regardless of their race, ethnicity, age, gender etcetera, should be treated with dignity, respect and adequate opportunities to access services within the community. The charity offers a holistic and person-centred package of care and support for our service-users on issues such as debt management, housing, employment, education, health, and business opportunities. We also run special interest groups, projects, lectures and symposia aimed at informing, educating, inspiring and challenging people in Kent into self-reliance and self-actualisation.

SWEW is a group of totally committed women of all ages eager to promote a positive image of women in Swale and Kent through information and knowledge sharing, equality and diversity, understanding, respect, reaching out, sharing support and advice and socialising. SWEW aims to help disadvantaged women to tackle isolation, improve their life chances by providing opportunities for enterprise, self-employment, employability, new skills, community participation and improved lifestyle choices. We welcome anyone who is interestred in; discussing shared concerns, developing leadership skills, and gaining entrepreneurial knowledge which will enhance your employability skills. It aims to make sure that you have all the confidence, skills and information that you need to achieve your aspirations.

We are part of the UN global compact. "We are pleased to confirm that Diversity House Limited supports the ten principles of the UN Global Compact with respect to human right, labour, environment, and anti-corruption. With this commitment, we express our intent to advance these principles within our sphere of influence and will make a clear statement of this commitment of our stakeholders and the general public. We also pledge to take part in the activities of the UN Global Compact where appropriate and feasible – through for instance participation in Country/Local Networks involvement in specialised initiatives and work streams; engagement in partnership projects; and reviewing and providing commentary to participating companies on their communications on progress." - Christine Locke (Chair and project lead.)

Community Study Day – Monday 20th March 2017

On Monday 20th March 2017, we’ll be holding a Community Study Day at Phoenix House, Sittingbourne.

Joins us to learn more about our current project – ‘Breaking the Myths': Africa & WWI!

Date: Monday 20th March 2017
Time: 12:00pm-2:30pm
Venue: Phoenix House, Sittingbourne, Kent, ME10 4BX

Entertainment and refreshments to be provided!

Community Study Day

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Breaking The Myths: First World War and Africa

Press Release

Diversity House wins Heritage Lottery Fund support

 Sittingbourne, 27, October, 2016

Diversity House has received £95,300 from the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) for an exciting project, “Breaking The Myths: First World War and Africa”, in Sittingbourne and Maidstone area. World War One was a global conflict and has an important and lasting global legacy. However, many of the commemorations fail to acknowledge the contributions, experiences and trauma of Non-European Countries. This project aims to address this exclusion by highlighting the involvement of African people and the conflict played out within Africa.

Thanks to National Lottery players, Diversity House will engage with 1090 younger members of the Swale and Maidstone communities by working with several schools and youth clubs. Participation of the wider adults will be created via a project exhibition that will appear at participating Swale Libraries, a permanent home for which has been negotiated at Maidstone Xross-PolyNation Art Gallery, HRGS.

On this occasion, Mrs Christine Locke, CEO, Diversity House said: “We are thrilled to have received the support of the Heritage Lottery Fund and are confident the project will be able to teach people on how to accommodate and adapt their attitudes and behaviours in relation to other people’s heritage, particularly that of the Africans. They will understand and appreciate that the Africans ‘then and now’ have a stake in Britain. This will improve and reduce racial tensions which started boiling over in the wake of Britain’s exit from the European Union.”

Stuart McLeod, Head of Heritage Lottery Fund South East, said: “The impact of the First World War was far reaching, touching and shaping every corner of the UK and beyond. The Heritage Lottery Fund has already invested more than £82million in projects – large and small – that are marking this global Centenary; with our new small grants programme, we are enabling even more communities like those involved in Breaking the Myths to explore the continuing legacy of this conflict and help local young people in particular to broaden their understanding of how it has shaped our modern world”.

Helen Grant MP, Maidstone and The Weald, said: “I am delighted to support Diversity House’s ‘Africa and World War One’ project, particularly as former Minister responsible for the WW1 Centenary commemorations. This is precisely the kind of initiative the Government is looking for to highlight the contributions made by African communities in that terrible conflict.  It will inform our younger generations of the sacrifice made by the many who fought so bravely and I look forward to seeing the project come to fruition.”

Gordon Henderson MP, Sittingbourne and Sheppey Constituency, said: “I congratulate Diversity House on winning this grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund and wish them well with their project. During this time when we are remembering the sacrifice made by so many people during the First World War, it is important that we acknowledge the role played by people from many Commonwealth countries, including African countries. It is also important that young people understand the significance of the Great War and the debt we owe to those people of many races and colours who died fighting for Britain. This project will help get that message over.”

About Diversity House

Diversity House was formally opened on the 16th of May 2007 with an office in Phoenix House, Central Avenue, Sittingbourne. A charitable organisation providing both community and prison-based services for diverse communities across Kent. The charity aims to promote community integration, re-integration, social inclusion and cohesion within the Swale and Kent communities. Read more..

About the Heritage Lottery Fund

Thanks to National Lottery players, we invest money to help people across the UK explore, enjoy and protect the heritage they care about – from the archaeology under our feet to the historic parks and buildings we love, from precious memories and collections to rare wildlife. www.hlf.org.uk @heritagelottery @HLFSouthEast

 For further information, images and interviews, please contact

Mrs Harshita Singh, Project Worker, Diversity House, 01795 420455, info@diversityhouse.org.uk

Diversity House receives a grant from Big Lottery Funding

Diversity House will be celebrating interculturality to promote community integration, inclusion and cohesion within Westlands Primary School and the environ.

After successfully applying to the Big Lottery Fund’s Celebrateprogramme, ‘Westlands Diversity Project’ has been awarded £7,810, which will be used to organise a community integration event that will bring people (children and adults) together, create opportunities for social interaction, and cultural exploration, consequently improve interculturality and a celebration of differences.

Swale district a previously predominantly White community has over the past five years seen a sudden influx of people from a wide range of ethnic and religious backgrounds – Travellers, Eastern Europeans, Spanish, Italians, Portugese, Asians, Chinese, and to name a few. This sudden cosmopolitan status means that the wider community and local schools are now coming in contact with cultures and believe that they had no knowledge of, and also have no support or help on how to navigate/bridge these differences. The project will address these issues by holding a series of intergenerational  workshops and activities, creating opportunities for the school community and the wider community to come together to explore each others culture, exchange learning and bridge cultures in a safe and contained environment.  For a community that barely have the opportunity to celebrate, this program will be an added opportunity for them to co-create a learning and celebratory programme.

Mrs Christine Locke, CEO, Diversity House, “We are looking forward to celebrating our differences and also to rejoice that we are all one family. We will work with community members and Westlands Primary School staff in the school to shape a really special and unique set of events which are sensitive to the local needs.”

Mrs Louise Hopkins, Headteacher, Westlands Primary School, “Our school serves an increasingly diverse population and we wish to embrace & celebrate this vibrant mix of cultures.  Our children deserve to have their cultural backgrounds recognised and valued as important within the school and wider community.  We are looking forward to working in partnership with Diversity House and are excited about this project.”

The Big Lottery Fund found that more than half (63%) of people asked reported that they have never or cannot remember ever coming together to celebrate with their local neighbourhood. If given the chance, more than 40% would like to celebrate their local history, and more than two fifths (43%) of those aged 16 to 24 would celebrate their local culture, art or music. In response to these findings the Big Lottery Fund asked for local groups and organisations of all shapes and sizes to apply for funding, to hold events or activities that would bring people together and celebrate what makes their local community special.

The Celebrate programme is the perfect opportunity for people to showcase and enjoy something important to their community, be it an iconic building, a precious landscape, a unique service or a community hero. There is£5 million available in total across the UK. For more information about the Celebrate programme please visit: https://www.biglotteryfund.org.uk/celebrate

About   Diversity House     Westlands Primary School

About Big Lottery Fund

The total amount available across the UK for the Celebrate programme is £5 million. To find out more please visit: www.biglotteryfund.org.uk/celebrate.

  • *YouGov poll on behalf of the Big Lottery Fund with 2109 respondents, June 2016.
  • The Big Lottery Fund is the largest funder of community activity in the UK. We put people in the lead to improve their lives and communities, often through small, local projects.
  • We are responsible for giving out 40% of the money raised by National Lottery players for good causes. Every year we invest over £650 million and award around 12,000 grants across the UK for health, education, environment and charitable purposes.
  • Since June 2004 we have awarded over £9 billion to projects that change the lives of millions of people. Since the National Lottery began in 1994, £34 billion has been raised and more than 450,000 grants awarded.


For any Media Queries, contact, Mrs Harshita Singh, Project Worker, Diversity House 01795 420455, info@diversityhouse.org.uk