Project Description

CWGIE is a Diversity House project that intends to bring together woman and girls from different backgrounds to increase understanding and support that will create a cycle of empowerment.

By discussing shared concerns and developing leadership and entrepreneurial skills we will enhance the economic prowess of women and girls. CWGIE aims to enable you to assess information, acquire skills and enhance your confidence to achieve your aspirations.

CWGIE focuses on the health and well-being of women and girls ensuring they are able to reach their goals. Empowerment training for men – help men understand a women’s perspective at home and in the workplace. Vocational skills – cooking, cleaning and sewing development and training.

Perinatal Inequalities Engagement with Families

An exploratory research on the lived experiences of BAME women and other marginalised women in Swale district of maternity services

This qualitative study was conducted by Diversity House on behalf of NHS Kent and Medway to examine how BAME women and women from the mainstream population who reside in underserved areas of Swale experienced maternity services.

Evidence indicates that women from ethnic minorities may encounter greater challenges in obtaining services and may think their experiences are less favourable (Jones et al., 2014; Sambrook et al., 2019). Given that race and ethnicity interact with other socioeconomic categories to either produce privilege or disadvantage, it was necessary to conduct a study that allowed BAMEs and other people living in underprivileged areas to provide their first hand accounts of maternity services and care. The experiences of 64 BAME women and other women from underprivileged backgrounds in Swale who accessed Kent and Medway maternity services between 2017 and 2022 were presented in this research. It is predicted that the study’s findings will guide clinical advancements in prenatal and postnatal care for ethnically diverse mothers.

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Help us, help you

This exciting opportunity is available to all women and girls in Swale to help themselves and each other:

  • Learn to influence people

  • Handle gender issues in the workplace / business

  • Build confidence and self-esteem

  • And much more!

CWGIE activities will enable you to:

  • achieve much more than you hoped for through networking, training, workshops, conferences, seminars, 121 coaching and mentoring

Women & Girls of CWGIE

We provide age appropriate prevention and intervention programmes, recognising the different needs and capabilities amongst women and girls.

CWGIE recognises that empowerment is crucial in decision making, financial management, accessing support services and community well-being and engagement.

Volunteering opportunities & membership

We welcome enquires and sponsorship from individuals and organisations who would like to support these activities. By supporting us you are not only making a huge contribution to your community but also contributing to your personal development, including invaluable social and professional skills and contributing to your workforce development and social responsibility.

Please email to discuss how you can support

UN Sustainable Development Goals Alignment

GOAL 5: Gender Equality

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