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Cultural Proficiency Toolkit – Online Course


This e-Learning course is ideal for anyone wanting online cultural proficiency training.

The course provides learners with a thorough understanding of how and why people from around the world interact in different ways.

  • Designed by experts in cultural proficiency training
  • Fully online course accessible 365/24/7
  • Suitable for learners of all levels and experience
  • Approximate duration: 10 hours – 15 hours (learner dependent)


Aim of the Course

This course aims to provide individuals, practitioners and organisations with the opportunity to gain increased awareness of cultural proficiency and be able to provide cultural appropriate and sensitive interventions.

This course is suitable for professionals of all levels working in any sort of multicultural environment or in an international capacity.
Typical learners include professionals from international business, the diplomatic service, healthcare & social care, local and international NGOs.
The course addresses many of the common cultural challenges faced by people working across cultural differences.

This course is formed of 3 online video modules consisting of:

Toolbox One

  • Objectives
  • Cultural Iceberg
  • Cultural Misconceptions
  • Power and Privilege

Toolbox Two

  • Cultural Proficiency
  • LEARN Model
  • Cultural Sensitivity
  • Building Bridges
  • Cultural Communication

Toolbox Three

  • Cultural Encounter – Example One
  • Cultural Encounter – Example Two
  • Cultural Enrichment
  • The Equality Act 2010
  • Community Empowerment

The course also provides you with numerous documents including:

  • Cultural Proficiency Training Manual
  • Cultural Proficiency Training Activities
  • Handouts
  • Individual Self Assessment Chart
  • Summary Presentation
  • Feedback Form


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