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Charity Group

Providing community and prison-based services for diverse communities across Kent


What We Do

We believe that every individual regardless of their race or ethnicity should be treated with dignity, respect and given the opportunity to access services within the community. Diversity House stands for the notion that people should have opportunities, support and encouragement to exercise control over their own lives as well as acknowledge their responsibilities to themselves and to others.

Therefore, in Diversity House it is important to us that given the right support, the people living within these communities should be able to exercise control over their own lives and acknowledge their responsibilities to themselves and others.

About Us
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CPD Accredited

Diversity House is officially CPD Accredited and recognised by the CPD Standard Office. Delegates that complete our learning activities can request formal CPD Certificates.

CPD Accredited

Chamber of Commerce

Diversity House is a registered member of the Kent Invicta Chamber of Commerce which exemplifies our commitment to working with the local community in all aspects.

Call for Paper from Researchers – WW1 Project

We are looking for researchers to contribute wording for two projects relating to our larger World War 1 in Africa – Breaking the Myths project.

Imperial Relationships

You are invited to contribute a piece reflecting on the relationship between Britain and another territory involved in the war in Africa. In particular, we are keen to explore how the relationships evolved or differed between micro-nations (tribes), social class, religious groups, urban and rural areas.

Commemorative Book

You are invited to contribute up to 1,000 words on why the contribution of Africa in the world wide struggle should be remembered. If appropriate, you may include some of the challenges faced with remembrance or areas which still need to be further researched.



Diversity House’s core priorities and vision is promoting community integration, inclusion and cohesion. It also aims to tackle social inequalities caused by social determinants of gender, race/ethnicity, age, religion, beliefs, values, language, disability, socio-economic status, education, among others.

Recent Projects

We run a variety of cultural projects across the UK


Our Proud Partnerships

We are proudly part of the UN global compact. We are pleased to confirm that Diversity House Limited supports the ten principles of the UN Global Compact with respect to human right, labour, environment, and anti-corruption. With this commitment, we express our intent to advance these principles within our sphere of influence and will make a clear statement of this commitment of our stakeholders and the general public. We also pledge to take part in the activities of the UN Global Compact where appropriate and feasible – through for instance participation in Country/Local Networks involvement in specialised initiatives and work streams; engagement in partnership projects; and reviewing and providing commentary to participating companies on their communications on progress.


SWEW is a group of totally committed women of all ages eager to promote a positive image of women in Swale and Kent through information and knowledge sharing, equality and diversity, understanding, respect, reaching out, sharing support and advice and socialising. SWEW aims to help disadvantaged women to tackle isolation, improve their life chances by providing opportunities for enterprise, self-employment, employability, new skills, community participation and improved lifestyle choices. We welcome anyone who is interestred in; discussing shared concerns, developing leadership skills, and gaining entrepreneurial knowledge which will enhance your employability skills. It aims to make sure that you have all the confidence, skills and information that you need to achieve your aspirations.



A list of our most recent news and articles

Magnificent Men and Women

1st September 2018 Diversity House participated in Royal Air Force (RAF 100) commemorative event

Advocacy Workshop

Motherhood and its Experience During the First World War On the 29th of August

24th August – Summer Youth Club

Summer Youth Club On the last week of the youth club, we had a

Assertiveness and Confidence Training – Session 1

Confidence & Assertiveness Training On the 23rd of August, Diversity held a training in



Diversity House works directly and in partnership with others to provide a range of activities and services to meet and champion the needs of disadvantaged and deprived communities, in particular those with a minority background living in Kent.