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Community, Integration, Inclusion, Cohesion

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“I am pleased to confirm that Diversity House Limited supports the ten principles of the UN Global Compact with respect to human right, labour, environment, and anti-corruption. With this commitment, we express our intent to advance these principles within our sphere of influence and will make a clear statement of this commitment of our stakeholders and the general public. We also pledge to take part in the activities of the UN Global Compact where appropriate and feasible – through for instance participation in Country/Local Networks involvement in specialised initiatives and work streams; engagement in partnership projects; and reviewing and providing commentary to participating companies on their communications on progress”.

- Christine Locke (Chair and Project Lead)

We Are Part Of The Global Compact

Dignity, Respect, Diversity, Equality, Community, Integration, Inclusion.


Support, Dignity, Respect
Diversity, Equality, Integration, Inclusion, Cohesion, Community

Diversity House is a charitable organisation, which promotes social support for ALL ethnic minority communities, from ALL countries who are now residing in the Kent area. Diversity House is run by trustees and volunteers who are experienced in their own fields, such as public health counselling, recruitment consultants and housing management. We aim to provide opportunities for minorities to interact and socialize while maintaining their own individual identities.

  • Support

    Every Individual regardless of their race or ethnicity is given the opportunity to access our services within the community.

  • Dignity

    Every individual regardless of their race or ethnicity should be treated with dignity.

  • Respect

    Every individual regardless of their race or ethnicity should be treated with respect.

  • Equality

    Every individual regardless of their race or ethnicity should be treated equally.

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Diversity - Equality
Jessica Finn
Business and admin officer
Yemi Osiyemi
Project Officer

"We believe that people should have opportunities, support and encouragement to exercise control over their own lives and acknowledge their responsibilities to themselves and to others." - Diversity House

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Support, Dignity, Respect