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Support During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Diversity House appreciate the hardship many people are going through due to the direct and indirect effects of COVID-19. We will be regularly updating this page with plenty of advice on mental and physical health & wellbeing during this worldwide epidemic. We hope you find all of the information helpful but if you would like any further advice or information then please feel free to contact us.

Covid-19 Toolkit
Covid-19 Health Pack


With the instruction to stay at home, we are unable to provide the usual food donations to you at Phoenix House. However, should you need food dropped off at your doorstep, email or call our emergency contact telephone.


If you ever need to contact Diversity House in an emergency please use the following mobile number and a member of our team will be on-call to help:
07484 536562


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Dealing with Anxiety
Urgent Meeting About The COVID 19 Vaccine
Celebrating Black History Month
Cybersecurity Workshop
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Women and COVID-19
COVID-19 Evil Lurks: Violence Against Women
Communication: The Foundation of a Healthy Relationship
Mental Health: Keeping Positive and Staying Strong
Healthy Relationships
Assertiveness & Self-Confidence
Assertiveness & Behaviours
Assertiveness & Positive Behaviours
Negative Thinking
Assertiveness & Sounding Confident
Global Day of Solidarity
Recapitulation of Virtual Engagements Since the Lockdown
Yoga for your Mental Wellbeing
BAME Communities & COVID-19
Resilience: Faith & Covid-19
Networking & Open House
Women Empowerment Post COVID-19
Tackling mental health & stigma among ethnic minorities


Diversity House has set up a range of support services for its intergenerational service users and communities. These online virtual services ranges from health and wellbeing to drop-in one to one, advice and support, social and life skills training and can be accessed via video chats with our staff on Zoom video conferencing software. Each session will be from 30-60 minutes and can be accessed on phones, tablets or computers.

Before accessing, try to download the Zooms App or Play Store on your device or desktop – this can be found on your app store or at: if this does not work, alternatively you can select the option to use the browser instead.
Once you have agreed the terms and conditions, you should be able to join chats at the advertised times. Each session will be led by one or two facilitators and they will aim to be on the app 5 minutes before any session.


When in video sessions it is better to use headphones, as this helps with noise. If the call is very busy the facilitator might decide to mute people’s microphones. You can still ask questions and talk using the chat facility. If you are muted and want to talk, the app has a ‘reactions’ feature that lets you raise a hand to let the session facilitator(s) know you want to speak.
If you are having any problems accessing or have any questions about the program, please email: or Phone us on: 07484536562

On the Sofa Living Beyond COVID-19. A motivational and down to earth live chat
on how to live and prepare for the lockdown exit. Topics for discussion
will be varied and ranges from – keeping in good mental health to
healthy relationship, communication skills, healthy diets and others.
Mondays & Fridays
3pm – 5pm
Christine Locke (Host)
Cllr Gloria Opara (Co Host)
Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 872 5729 4439
Password: 825183

Online Outreach Networking time with community members – to stay connected and strong Tuesdays 10am – 12pm Diversity House Staff Join Meeting
Meeting ID: 843 0317 0659
Password: 757047
Drop-in Session One-to-one support and advice Wednesdays 1pm – 3pm Diversity House Staff 07484536562 OR
Food Donation We can provide food items to those in need. Please contact us. Tuesdays – 5pm
Saturdays – from 10am
Diversity House Staff 07484536562 OR
Visitation We visit the most vulnerable in their homes, whilst following the safe distancing guidelines. Tuesdays – 3pm Diversity House Staff 07484536562 OR

What We’ve Achieved

367 People supported

Emails sent to 341 people

30 People received 215 food boxes

Online Collaboration with 33 agencies

9 People attended Virtual Yoga

29 Online Networking Sessions with service users

1 Workshop on Cyber Security to protect Users Online

42 Meetings held

25 People gave their time

72 Door-to Door Visitations following social distancing rules

198 People attended our 18 Webinars

6 E-Learning Resources Developed Online

Installed Live Chat on our Website

Innovative Working – Subscribed to Zoom & Skype

35 Outreach made

142 Received virtual mentoring & support

17 Drug Prescriptions picked-up

Participated in 6 Local & Global Campaigns

13 Counselling Sessions

9 Sessions of Online Reading & Conversation Club Held

6 Funding Application made, 2 secured

Advice Articles


Covid-19 Toolkit
Eat Smart, Move Smart – Health Pack