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We are constantly writing articles about our latest news and updates as a charity organisation as well as posting opinions on a diverse range of cultural and equality issues and also offering information and advice for local communities.

Summer Youth Club – Week 3

Week 3 of Summer Youth Club On the third week of the youth club, we had a games and arts & crafts day. There was a variety of games to play such as air hockey, ping pong, football and mini games such as Guess Who and Connect Four. Everyone went around the room to play with the games at least twice. The air hockey was the most popular choice out of all the games while the rest of the

DJ workshop

Joined Up Thinking (JUT) DJ Workshop During the past two weeks, Diversity house have been working alongside Joined Up Thinking (JUT) to host a DJ workshop which will run over the course of the Summer Holidays. DJ Kings Decree has taken time out to inspire and teach the youth some DJing skills. In this workshop, the kids have been learning how to transition and match the beat of one song, all in preparation for creating their own music mix.

Summer Youth Club – Week 2

Week 2 of Summer Youth Club On the second week of the youth club, we had the privilege of having 4 officers from South East Reserve Forces and Cadet Association (SERFCA) come in to engage with the youth. In the morning, they started off with some fun icebreaker games. Then they gave an introduction on what SERFCA is all about, how to get involved and the different roles you can partake in. All the officers spoke about how they

Summer Youth Club 2019

On the 26th of July, Diversity House kick started its annual summer youth club. To break the ice, we started off by introducing ourselves to one another and saying one thing we liked. After that, we engaged in team building activities to engage the kids in working together and utilising problem-solving skills. The group were split into two teams and a range of materials such as tinfoil, straws, newspaper and paper cups were provided for them to build a

Sewing Club

For the past six weeks, sewing classes have been taken place at Diversity House which have been run by seamstress, Wealthy. Women from different ethnicities participated in this course in order to learn or perfect the skill of sewing. In the first few weeks, Wealthy taught them the basic skills of running the sewing machine through materials in a straight line, stitching and threading. Once they mastered these skills, they combined them to embark on a mini project; creating

Coffee Morning 12th July 2019

Coffee MorningOn the 12th of July, Diversity House held a coffee morning which gave the opportunity for the public and people from various organisations to network and share ideas. The event started off with a welcome and introduction from Christine Locke, CEO of Diversity House. Next, Angela Basoah from NHS gave a talk on the importance of volunteering and how much it benefits the individual and organisation. She stated that it is a great way to gain experience to put