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We are constantly writing articles about our latest news and updates as a charity organisation as well as posting opinions on a diverse range of cultural and equality issues and also offering information and advice for local communities.

Confidence and Assertiveness Workshop for Women

Workshop at Phoenix House A group of local women came together as part of the SWAG Project (Supporting Women and Girls) to increase their confidence and equip them with tools of how they could develop and improve their assertiveness skills in a safe and judgement free space. The workshop was delivered by Christine Locke CEO of Diversity House. The group watched several videos, where they discussed the scenarios and how everyone’s communication style impacts the outcome of an interaction.

Magnificent Men and Women

1st September 2018 Diversity House participated in Royal Air Force (RAF 100) commemorative event on the Isle of Sheppey which celebrated the role early aviators on the Isle of Sheppey played both in the development of aviation and its contribution to WW1. People from all walks of life, backgrounds, race and diverse communities attended the event – The music and entrainment was supplied by the High Voltage Big Band and St John Ambulance Band and drama by Big Fish

Advocacy Workshop

Motherhood and its Experience During the First World War On the 29th of August 2018, Diversity House held an advocacy workshop on ‘Motherhood and its Experience During the First World War’ in collaboration with Big Ideas at Swale CVS. Cassie and Emily from Big Ideas commenced the workshop by asking the participants what remembrance and commemoration means to them. Next, we wrote our names on paper and went around the room introducing ourselves and telling one another what our

24th August – Summer Youth Club

Summer Youth Club On the last week of the youth club, we had a lesson on Africa. We started off by listing off the negative things that the media presents to us about the continent. This included poverty, living in huts in villages, lack of education, no provision of healthcare, no security, no technology, no infrastructure, etc. Then we made a list of the positives which the media hides from us which were beautiful hotels, huge houses, beaches, museums

Assertiveness and Confidence Training – Session 1

Confidence & Assertiveness Training On the 23rd of August, Diversity held a training in assertiveness and confidence. In the first session, as an icebreaker, we introduced ourselves, said what we wanted to get out of the training and how it can be applicable to our individual lives. Mrs Locke, the CEO of Diversity House started off by asking us to define assertiveness and self-confidence and list the four styles of communication. We said that assertiveness is the balance between

Volunteer Induction Day

Volunteer Induction Day Monday 20th August 2018 Diversity House held an induction day for new coming volunteers. The induction started off with an introduction from Lynda, the project officer who gave a brief explanation on what Diversity House is and what is done in the charity. Following that, the CEO Mrs Locke introduced herself spoke about Diversity House in depth. Next, she explained about how important volunteers are to an organisation and how integral