Sunday 28th October 2018

Diversity House and Swale County Council revealed the Inclusive Remembrance stone in Sittingbourne town centre on Sunday 28th October. The Centenary Memorial Stone is paying homage to all of those who fought in WW1, highlighting the global reach of the WW1 and all of those who contributed and were affected within the Commonwealth and beyond.

The stone is especially fitting as we are at the centenary of World War 1. Swale Council is the twin city of Yrpes, which was the site of early fighting in WW1. Until recently very little has been communicated to the public, historically and educationally about how Africa and its micro nations contributed to World War One.

Sittingbourne Centenary Memorial Stone

On the day of the service in Swale town centre we saw the beginning of the rainy season. Yet, with heavy showers the weather didn’t keep the crowds away, the service was attended by Mayor and Mayoress of Swale Cllr Samuel and Doreen Koffie-Williams and dignitaries from in around the Kent area all came together to honour the men, women, children and animals who lost their lives during World War One.  Alex Butt provided the Bag pipes for the ceremony and the music was provided by the Sea Cadets.

Diversity House would like to thank Swale County Council and their staff and a special thank you to Martin Goodhew and Lyn Newton for their amazing support throughout the duration of the project, they provided use with advice, support and funds which have been paramount in the success of Diversity House delivering this project across the Kent, Swale, Medway area.

The reception was held at the Phoenix house, the catering was provided by Home Touch who supplied an African inspired menu. Our guests were entertained by Gospel Touch Choir, Bantu Arts who entertained the crowd with drums and dancing from Uganda, alongside the Pantsay Steel Band.

Videos from the day

Kat Francois Poem
Bantu Arts
Gospel Touch Choir
Pantsay Steel Band