DIVERSITY HOUSE team now has a date and time set for all those who have registered onto the sports activity classes for all women in the Swale area. This initiative is part of our Swale Women Empowering Women project. The objective behind this activity is to encourage women to adopt active lifestyle and teach them new life skills. It could further help them to be healthy and gain confidence in whatever they do. Lot of times, we have seen that due to various reasons, like money issue, women are not able to afford these classes despite their interest. Hence, we decided to take a step towards it and facilitate various sports classes, like, swimming, badminton, aerobics, and Zumba for these women.

Activity classes will take place at Swallows Leisure centre and will be conducted under the guidance of well-trained instructors. Please note that all these classes will be FREE OF CHARGE FOR ALL.

We have, starting on the 29th of January 2016, at 10.00am, a first date for a meeting for all those who have registered their interest in our women’s sports activity. During our meet up with you, there will be available professionals who will chat with you further about your chosen activities. The register is still open and we have further spaces available and we would like those of you who have not yet registered to do so. We would appreciate your participation.