Migrantas Collective and Diversity House are pleased to announce the launch of our Health & Wellbeing | BAME Women’s Experiences of COVID-19

As part of the research project, Migrantas collective will bring images of Black and Asian Minority Ethnic (BAME) women’s experiences of COVID-19 to Kent and Medway‘s urban space.

The participants feedback provided valuable information on the lived experiences of the women, alongside insights of how inner strength and power can grow out of challenges and times of anxiety. On a banner, posters, bags, postcards and a colouring booklet, picto-grams will make visible throughout the city what BAME women of Kent and Medway experience in everyday life. This printed material to give away and disseminate represents what these women have processed through their experiences and feelings around COVID-19, we invite you to reflect on your own experiences and resilience during the pandemic as well.