Summer Youth Club 2019

On the 26th of July, Diversity House kick started its annual summer youth club.

To break the ice, we started off by introducing ourselves to one another and saying one thing we liked. After that, we engaged in team building activities to engage the kids in working together and utilising problem-solving skills. The group were split into two teams and a range of materials such as tinfoil, straws, newspaper and paper cups were provided for them to build a structure as tall and strong as possible. Next, we did the egg drop challenge; each team were given an egg and had to create a device that would protect and keep it intact when dropped from a height.

After some refreshments the kids played table tennis and foosball which they enjoyed. At the end, they expressed how much fun they had and how it was engaging.

The aim of this youth club is to help young people develop their life skills such as communication through games, creative thinking through arts and crafts, engaged learning through teaching sessions and many more. This year’s summer youth club is taking place every Friday and is free of charge.

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