The Heart of Kemsley Walk Project

||The Heart of Kemsley Walk Project
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Project Description

A new social walking project, led by Diversity House to get people more involved with their community is launching in Kemsley, Sittingbourne after receiving funding from People’s Health Trust. This social walking programme aims to build positive relationships between people of different ages and backgrounds across the neighbourhood.

People can choose to take part in either a leisurely stroll or speed walking which both last an hour and take place twice a week, anyone is welcome and this includes buggies and dogs. Along the route the group will map historical trails. The walks will be designed and led by members themselves and throughout the year there will also be social events such as picnics.

The walk register is now open and we are seeking to add people to our list for walks. The meeting point for walks is at The Kemsley Community House, right next to Kemsley Primary School.

For more information or to get involved contact on: 01795 420455, email:

Videos From Past Walks