Personal Productivity Course in Kent

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Personal Productivity Course

We run a comprehensive personal productivity course in Kent for organisations and individuals to improve their own productive output.

Finding enough time in the day is an art, if you are a family, a single parent or primary carer juggling work, life balance, finding enough time to get everything done is a challenge. How can you manage your time to ensure you are personally productive and help others take control of every area of their lives life from a financial, physical, wellbeing and relationship standpoint in a world where we bombard by social media alerts, email and messages. This course will look at ways for you to take back control of your time ensuring you are maintaining productivity.

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Personal Productivity Course in Kent

Course Structure and Content

Setting SMART goals

Learn how to set Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Result and Target goals using tried tested formulas.

How to manage and take control of your time

Learn techniques and tools to help take control of your time, how to actively communicate with internal and external partners and stakeholders to ensure you are clear on boundaries and manage people’s expectations.

How to plan projects covering basic of project management techniques

Learn the basic project management principles and how they can be applied to work and everyday life.

How to overcome procrastination

Master the tips, tricks and techniques required to overcome procrastination

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