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Diversity house have received funding from Tampon Tax and we have come up with innovative idea of creating a pop-up space for young people by young people. The idea is based around the empty retail units which are on high streets and the lack of recreational spaces for young people.

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Across UK high streets, there has been a distract increase in the amount of shops laying empty in the last year the number has increased by 7,500. Many have argued that the decline in shops is due to consumers choosing to shop online, lack of disposable income, purchasing online can be in-expensive as compared to a trip to the high street. Overall, the empty shops on the high street do remain an eye sore, while there are fewer safe and in expensive spaces for young people to access.

Funding for young people’s services have been cut by £1billon pound in the last six years. Apart from cuts some may argue there are not enough young people using the services for them to continue running, or having no service is better than running a poorly run service.

To offset the local authority cuts, there have been solutions such as mobile youth hubs, which travel around an area and engage people through outreach. However, if you play close attention one of the main places young people meet and engage with each other is on the local high streets. In some cases, this causes anti-social behaviour as young people maybe in a large group which can potentially cause disruption to shoppers.

A temporary solution would be to utilise unused space in the high street and create a pop-up space, where young people are reasonable for hosting events and creating instillations for their peers.

Questions and Answers

How old do you need to be to host an event?

Anyone who is 16 to 25 can host a event

What type of event can I host?

the event, we are open to ideas at the present. If you are not sure the ideas can be around raising awareness, exhibiting, showcasing a talent or entertainment. We will host workshops on how to plan and market the event.

How long can the event run?

The event can be run anything from half a day to up to two days this also depends on the type of the event)

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