DJ Workshop – Part 2

DJ Workshop

For the remaining sessions of the DJ workshop with Joined Up Thinking (JIT), the kids continued to learn how to beat match songs and how to transition from one song to another song smoothly. They also practised picking songs that go well together considering the bpm and the tempo of the songs.

In the last session, the kids selected 4 songs of their choice and had to transitions through each song using the cross fader which helps to fade the music in and out, and the cue button which they tapped on to count the bpm. At the end, they put on a performance for the parents which they found entertaining. DJ Kings Decree was impressed with them and was amazed at how much they had learnt in just a few weeks.

The kids enjoyed the DJ workshop and being taught by Kings Decree. They are looking forward to the next workshop and some of them will continue learning how to DJ in their spare time.

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