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We are constantly writing articles about our latest news and updates as a charity organisation as well as posting opinions on a diverse range of cultural and equality issues and also offering information and advice for local communities.

A Connoisseur Lesson in Making and Tasting Chocolate in Sittingbourne

From Bean to Bar ‘From Bean to Bar' was the title of the workshop hosted by Diversity House in collaboration with Ideas Test in Sittingbourne on 31st March 2018. The aim was to raise awareness about entrepreneurship using the example of the Asentewa hand-crafted and premier chocolate company based in Sittingbourne. The workshop was in the format of a drop-in “meet the maker” session with artisan chocolate maker Ralph Eric whose family have grown cacao beans in Ghana since

My First Day Volunteering: Bean to Bar Workshop

My First Day Volunteering: A Friendly Face at the Bean to Bar Workshop with Diversity House and Ideas Test By Ellie I’ve always wanted to volunteer but never had the time. Now that I am in sixth form I do have the time to help others. The main reason why I want to volunteer is to help others but also because volunteering is a positive use of time that enables me to gain new skills. I have always been

One Hundred Years On – Pressing for Progress

Diversity House Celebrates International Women’s Day with Ideas Test Every year Diversity House celebrates International Women's Day. This year Diversity House consolidated efforts by partnering with Ideas Test, another charity in Sittingbourne focusing on empowering communities in the creative arts. The event took place at their venue in the High Street as part of the ‘Supporting Women and Girls’ (SWAG) programme initiated by Diversity House in 2017. Preparations for the event commenced with registration on the official International Women's

St Michael’s Junior School Trip to the Somme Battlefields in France

Back to School and the Western Front; St Michael’s Junior School Trip to the Somme Battlefields in France An account by Dr Anne Samson – Historian and Expert on WW1 & Africa A two-day trip to the Western Front to learn about the First World War in Africa. This was the idea, but would it work? And how? As I know little to nothing about what happened on the European battlefields. Thankfully Dickie Knight from Anglia Tours would be leading proceedings and he knew

Call for Paper from Researchers – WW1 Project

World War 1 in Africa – Breaking the Myths Breaking the Myths is a Diversity House Heritage Lottery Funded project covering various aspects of World War 1 in Africa. One of the themes the project team identified as important is the relationship between the metropole and the governed territories, in today’s language ‘diplomatic relations’. However, we are looking at more than the relationship between the rulers and administrators: included are personal relations, how the Imperial related to th individual

How I started a Beauty Business from Scratch with the Support of Diversity House

International Women’s Day 8th March 2018 Over the years, Diversity House has supported so many women achieve their business goals through the women empowerment programme called ‘Supporting Women and Girls’ (SWAG) project formerly known as the ‘Swale Women Empowering Women’ programme. Here is the story of one of our shining stars who came to the programme speaking no English but is now running a successful Beauty Business in the Swale area. Read Rashmi’s Raju’s story which she presented at