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We are constantly writing articles about our latest news and updates as a charity organisation as well as posting opinions on a diverse range of cultural and equality issues and also offering information and advice for local communities.

Diversity House Youth Club – July 2017

The Diversity House Youth Club lasted three days in July; each day with a variety of activities for the children to enjoy. Tuesday 25th July The kids had a trip to London touring the Black Cultural Archives, and a tour of the library and went deep into the vaults of the archives and then off to enjoy the sights and aromatic smells of Brixton Market. They set out at 9am from Sittingbourne train

SWAG Flamingos and Amigos Book Reading Club – July 2017

The second meeting of the book club on 29th July was very eventful, I can tell you that much. It took place at Ideas Test, Shop 34 High Street, Sittingbourne (as always). We had a few more members join the club, which of course made it more interesting as more views and books were shared. I’d give an outline of said books and discussions so you might be able to look them up and indulge yourself in your free

SWAG Business Briefing and Networking Meeting – August 2017

August 1st marked a Business Briefing and Networking Meeting held at Ideas Test in Sittingbourne, attended by the CEO of Diversity House Christine Locke, SWAG Project Officer Neema Kambona. Other attendees included Selvum Padiachey, Rosemary Dymond DL (a Lieutenant of Kent) and Mayor of Faversham, Shiel Campbell, and Susan Earl of Utility Warehouse. Neema Kambona began the meeting with a talk on the activities of SWAG (Supporting Women and Girls) and its role in empowering women in Swale. Christine

Breaking the Myths: Remembering the Legacies of Africans Involved in WW1

2nd June Conference Swale Borough Council in Sittingbourne came alive to the cries of the forgotten heroes – men, women and children from Africa who sacrificed their lives and experienced so many decades of instability as a result of their involvement in the First World War. In a Conference recognising the great contribution of Africa and the impact of that war on ordinary Africans a century later, entitled: ‘WW1 and Africa: Legacies of Conflicts’ hosted by Diversity House in

St Michael’s School trip to CWGC with Diversity House

“We Remember You” say the students from St Michael’s School on their trip to CWGC with Diversity House The sun shone brilliantly on the beautifully manicured lawns of the Commonwealth War Graves Commission (CWGC) in Maidenhead on Thursday 15 June when the students from St Michaels School in Maidstone paid a visit as part of their school project with Diversity House to ‘break the myths’ about the involvement of Africans in WW1. It turned out to be the best

Consultation with Swale Women & Girls

Supporting Women and Girls Project (SWAG) Mrs Christine Locke, CEO of Diversity House invited all Swale based Women and Girls on Wednesday, 3rd August, 2016 at our office in Phoenix House. The objective was to have a general discussion with all Women and Girls regarding the issues they are facing in their life at the moment and what are the factors which are impeding their empowerment, particularly in keys spheres of psychological and physiological empowerment; income and social mobility.