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We are constantly writing articles about our latest news and updates as a charity organisation as well as posting opinions on a diverse range of cultural and equality issues and also offering information and advice for local communities.

Raising Women’s Voices a Call for Change – Domestic Violence

Historically, violence towards women was accepted dating as far back as the Romans regarding being able to beat one’s wife. English Common Law stated a man could beat his wife with a stick no longer than his thumb. However, due to the rise of feminism this law became illegal. However, one can argue the legislation around domestic violence has changed, yet the institutions and legislation which support society seem as prejudice towards women, this is also a view which

Arts and Crafts – Age UK

You can never really be too old for arts and craft, Diversity House has been working alongside Age UK in Sittingbourne on a Monday morning, delivering craft workshops with their elderly members.  Elderly members of the community from the Swale area come to Age UK daily, were they are looked after and entertained by Age UK’s lovely staff. The last few months of the year are great for craft enthusiast as there is Halloween, Remembrance Day, and then Christmas.  Which means

Revealing the Centenary Memorial Stone

Sunday 28th October 2018 Diversity House and Swale County Council revealed the Inclusive Remembrance stone in Sittingbourne town centre on Sunday 28th October. The Centenary Memorial Stone is paying homage to all of those who fought in WW1, highlighting the global reach of the WW1 and all of those who contributed and were affected within the Commonwealth and beyond. The stone is especially fitting as we are at the centenary of World War 1. Swale Council is the twin

Breaking the Myths: Africa and World War in Royal Overseas house

Breaking the Myths: Africa and World War at the Royal Overseas house, there was a great turn out of collaborators, partners, funders and the public. As the centenary ends, Diversity Houses’ overall aim of the past two years was to raise the awareness of how Africa can be better acknowledged for their vast contributions in World War 1. We had an array of speakers and performers entertaining and informing the crowd of the sacrifices and contributions the micro nations

The Centurion of World War one and the Contribution of Commonwealth

As we come to close to the centurion of World War 1, there is a great debate about how the commonwealth should be acknowledged for the contributions in the war. A recurring theme is creating a Commonwealth Memorial.  The High Commissioner of the Republic of Cyprus held a reception in honour of the commonwealth contribution to the First World War. The Commonwealth sent more than three million volunteers, soldiers, nurses and porters throughout WW1, this support was vital in

Top Ten Black Inventors you may not have heard of

Mary Beatrice Davidson Kenner Life without sanitary towels seems practically impossible, for females. However, women owe, a great thank you Mary Kenny who was an African-American inventor created the improvements to the sanitary belt, the original patent was rejected due to Mary being African American. She later went on to receive a patent for the sanitary belt 30 years after she originally created it. Ellen Eglin The clothes Wringer was created by Eglin,