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We are constantly writing articles about our latest news and updates as a charity organisation as well as posting opinions on a diverse range of cultural and equality issues and also offering information and advice for local communities.

Summer Youth Club 2018 – SWAG Project

2018 Summer Youth Club On the 3rd of August, Diversity House started the summer youth club. Children of different ages and backgrounds participated in all the activities set for the day.   As everyone was new to each other, we began by introducing ourselves to one another and played ‘2 truths, 1 lie’ as an icebreaker to welcome and warm up the group. After that, we had a hula hoop competition where you had to try and rotate the

Commemorative Walter Tull Awards

Commemorative Walter Tull Awards As part of a two-year participation, Year 5 pupils of St Michael’s school Church of England carried out a campaign for Walter Tull to receive his medal as part of the ‘No Barriers’ campaign. In remembrance of him, they also wrote and acted out a play on Walter Tull and received a medal for this from the Big Ideas company through the ‘Tull 100- Football Remembers’ campaign. The school received a letter from Walter Tull’s

Volunteer Training with Diversity House

For the past four weeks, Diversity House has been delivering volunteering training. People from different ethnicities and backgrounds were part of it including myself. Over the past four sessions, the participants gained confidence to share past voluntary roles personal experiences, what made them to enrol onto the training and what they hoped to achieve at the end of it. In the first session we discussed what volunteering is, the cultural challenges, barriers to volunteering and how to overcome them.

Journey to `Why Fund Management is a great career for Women` event on the 18th July 2018

On my quest to return to marketplace as God had told me. I had come across the above stated event and to my utmost surprise on Friday the 15th July 2018 I found out that it was fully booked online. I tried to contact the event planners to no avail. On Monday the 16th I brought this to the attention of Mrs Christine Locke of Diversity House who took it upon herself to try to find a way to get

St Michael’s C.E Junior School Year 5 – First World War and Africa

St Michael’s C.E Junior School - Year 5 As part of the centenary celebrations to remember WW1, Diversity House has been working with St Michael’s Junior School in Maidstone to raise awareness of the involvement and contributions of Africa in the Great War. Under the ‘Breaking the Myths; WW1 – Africa’ project, Year 5 put together a play about Walter Tull, (an Afro-Caribbean and Black British Officer) who became a symbol of all Black people, particularly those of African

My First Community Outreach Experience – By Tomisin Alhassan

On the 9th of July 2018, I went on my first outreach for Diversity House in Faversham, Kent with my colleague Lynda. I was unsure of how it would go and how receptive the people in the town would be. We set out in the morning with all our leaflets and posters about Diversity House and the different events and clubs the organisation holds in the community. Upon our arrival, I saw that people were streaming into the High Street