Saturday 3rd August

On Saturday 3rd August, Diversity House held a volunteering training in preparation for the community day at Holy Trinity. The key points/ learning objectives of the whole event were to allow people to understand the roles of volunteering, to feel confident approaching members of the public, feel that they can support activities, workshops and feel confident communicating within the volunteer team.

During the session CEO of Diversity House, Christine Locke hit all these points and interacted with everyone to see what their point of views were about the different situations. People had to discuss their answers in table groups about the questions being asked for example: What are the benefits of volunteering? Many people answered that the benefits of volunteering are to gain confidence, make new friends and communicate with new people, learn more about people and their cultures.

Mrs Locke also spoke to them about community day and hoe the volunteers should approach people, respect one another’s differences and how to resolve conflicts.

At the end of the session, the participants picked the activities they would like to lead which included abseiling, heritage walks, hosting workshops and hospitality.

Diversity House are looking forward to collaborating with Holy Trinity church in integrating the community through this community day.