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Training and Development

We provide training and development on cultural awareness, equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI), gender analysis and gender mainstreaming, cultural proficiency for health and social care practitioners, applying global approach in teaching, engaging minority communities in mental health services, working with BAME organisations, impact assessment training. Best practice in engaging with minority communities. Seminars, workshops and conferences on promoting service users’ involvement and participation. Opportunities to implement joint initiatives and joint working. Our services can be used by all members of the community regardless of age, gender or sexuality.

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Assertiveness & Self Confidence Workshop

August 24, 2018 This event has passed
The Assertiveness and Self-Confidence workshop will give participants an understanding...

Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) Workshop

Unlimited tickets
This is a one day workshop aimed at Educators; Health...

Suicide Awareness and Prevention Training

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Medway Ethnic Minority Forum invites you to a FREE 2-day...

Personal Productivity Workshop

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Most people find that they wish they had more time...

Generation Gaps Workshop

Unlimited tickets
While having various cultures in one workplace can present communication...